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History of Frankin Bronze Plaques

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Posted: 16th Jan 2018

Franklin Bronze & Alloy was established in 1878. It was one of the oldest continually operating foundries in Pennsylvania, originally as a sand casting facility until 1987, when it expanded into the investment cast market. Bronze plaques were always a part of the product line, but in December 2006, a division was formed dedicated strictly to the production of bronze and aluminum plaques, thus the birth of Franklin Bronze Plaques.

In January 2008, Franklin Bronze Plaques, the fledgling division of Franklin Bronze & Alloy, became a separate operating entity, no longer under the ownership of Franklin Bronze & Alloy. The new stand-alone company was owned by three women (Bernie Becker, Cindie Linnon and Lois Barber) and was certified as a woman owned business under Federal and State guidelines. The company started very small, with only three employees, but enjoyed steady growth through its first years, employing seven people by 2013. However, growth did not come without struggle. In 2011, Cindie Linnon, the company’s founding President, passed away suddenly, causing a quick restructuring of company ownership.

The following year, Franklin Bronze Plaques began the acquisition of the original sand casting portion of its former umbrella owner, Franklin Bronze & Alloy. The purchase was complete as of January 2013, and in March of that year, Franklin Bronze Plaques proudly moved from its home in the county incubator complex to its new facility across town…the original sand casting facility that had begun all those years ago.

Franklin Bronze Plaques is now home to 20 employees, who we call family. We specialize in cast bronze and aluminum plaques, as well as industrial sand castings, taking great pride in offering quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. With plans in place for continued facility and equipment upgrades, we look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.

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