Sand Casting

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Overall plaque size is determined by several factors, including the amount of text to be included, as well as any images and/or logos/graphics to be added. There are several general guidelines to consider:

*Minimum text height must be no smaller than 1/4" if using all upper case text. Text height changes to 3/8” minimum if you use upper and lower case text. If these minimum requirements are not adhered to, you run the risk of unclear or illegible text. All raised surfaces (text, graphics, etc.) will get wider during the sanding/finishing process, causing small text or tight lines to become filled in.

*Adding images and/or graphics generally increases the overall minimum size of the plaque. Our graphics department is happy to determine the minimum size of company logos, seals or other graphics necessary to ensure a clear end product.

*In order to determine a general overall size, count the letters and spaces in your proposed text. Divide that total by (4), which will give you a “ballpark” size in square inches. Keep in mind, our graphics department may be able to work with your text to meet certain requirements.

*As previously mentioned, image sizes are based on the overall size of the plaque and the text to be included. A good rule of thumb is generally to reserve 1/3 of the plaque height to accommodate the image. Again, our graphics department is able to make certain adjustments to meet your requirements.