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Franklin Bronze Plaques

Franklin Bronze Plaques has been manufacturing cast bronze plaques since 1878. Technology has advanced as well as production equipment but we continue to use the same quality bronze we've used for over 130 years. Our company prides itself in providing quality products. Every plaque shipped from Franklin Bronze Plaques is inspected personally by the production manager. If a defect is found the plaque is melted down and cast again. Each plaque is custom made using your ideas and designs.

Bronze plaques have been created by skilled craftsman pouring molten metal into sand molds for centuries. Franklin Bronze Plaques is proud to carry on that tradition, combining age-old methods with new technology to provide high quality products, as well as more unique designs. We use only the highest quality bronze alloy (C9220) approved by the Copper Development Association. We do not use faux bronze or other imitation bronze coatings. Each piece is solid cast bronze, ensuring the durability and beauty of your finished product. Each piece is handcrafted, carefully chasing around each letter, border, and graphic to bring out the crisp details in your plaque. We then sandblast, paint, sand and lacquer each piece, adding the final touches and sealing the finish.

Our design department will complete a layout for you free of charge and you can make changes on the design prior to production. We'll revise the art as many times as needed until you are happy with it, after all, it'll be around forever! Plaques can be manufactured using various borders, backgrounds, techniques, finishes and mounting methods. Our quotes are all inclusive so no need to worry about additional or hidden charges added to your quote.

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